Private Line service

Move business data quickly and securely

Private Line solutions remain the technology of choice for businesses in search of reliable, secure data communications services. It delivers high-speed, dedicated, point-to-point data movement.

Private Line provides the peace of mind that your most vital business traffic is transmitted reliably and securely.  Whether your offices are across street, across the country or around the world, Private Line’s dedicated, private, point-to-point connections efficiently and securely transmit all your business voice and data traffic.  The ideal solution for data backup and recovery, Private Line service can facilitate the transfer, storage and backup of critical business data to a remote site.  This helps ensures timely data restoration and recovery after a disruptive event, allowing you to get back to business as fast as possible.

Benefits of a Private Line solution include:

  • No network congestion
  • Excellent security
  • Guaranteed throughput at all times
  • Constant, uninterrupted connectivity
  • A secure, dedicated connection
  • Predictable price without variations based on usage
  • Reliable, high-speed transmission transport service
  • Supports multiple applications (e.g., data, IP, ATM, voice, video, etc.)
  • Flexible to allow ongoing changes t0 network configurations
  • Cost efficient—Allows you to combine multiple services over one line
  • Routing planning for disaster recovery

Private Line diagram

How it works

Private Line uses advanced synchronization technologies to deliver private line traffic via high-speed connections.  The service includes equipment maintained by the carrier that is necessary to connect the service to the customer’s interconnection facilities at the carriers-specified network interface points. Interconnection, collocation, and/or local access services are not included as part of the Domestic Private Line service, but may be ordered in conjunction, either through a specific carrier or other telecommunications providers.

Available line speeds include: DS-0 (64 Kbps), fractional DS-1 (128 Kbps and up), DS-1 (1.544 Mbps), DS-3 (45 Mbps) and OC-N (155 Mbps and up). Digital Private Line services utilize digital local loops that provide nearly 100 percent end-to-end network availability.  DS-1 service can is compatible with virtually all DS-1 systems in use today. For analog requirements, Private Line supports tie lines, off-premises extensions, foreign exchange lines and automatic ring-down lines.

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