6 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

  Surviving in today’s ever-changing business environment, it is imperative for a business to adopt the latest innovations in communication technology in order to stay efficient. Is it the right time for replacing, or upgrading, your existing phone system or moving to a newer hosted technology ? Which solution will best suit your business and your […]

Why you won’t get the best pricing by going direct to telecom carriers

Read this before wasting your time chasing quotes from multiple telco carriers. Your business is growing and you need to expand and upgrade your network. So you call your five top telco providers to talk technology and pricing. How do you know your getting the best pricing? (and the best solution?) Consider this before shopping […]


Colocation - Protect your critical business data As thousands of businesses struggle to recover after this devastating season of natural disasters, I thought it made sense to continue our theme of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity by focusing a valuable service – colocation. Colocation is the ideal solution for smart businesses who want prepare for any […]

Hurricanes, Disaster Recover and Business Continuity

As hurricane Irene initially threatened the Florida coast earlier this week, I felt that dreaded sense of helplessness about the unforgiving wrath of Mother Nature. Fortunately, at least for us Floridians, the storm veered off shore, sparing us certain disaster. Unforunately, this may not be the case for our friends and colleagues up North. We […]