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VoIP Services

Converge all voice and data services on a single circuit to reduce costs. more >


Compare quotes from multiple carriers

Whether you’re a small business with a few employees or an enterprise organization with complex communications needs, LD Rebates will help identify the best solution for your business.

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Compare quotes from multiple carriers – we offer the lowest rates, plus a rebate, every month-guaranteed.

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Let's eliminate some middlemen

At Telco Rebates, we cut out the middlemen and give those commissions back to you, the customer! It’s not rocket science. Just a more efficient and cost-effective way of buying telecom –

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and doing business. Learn how we do it here.

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Get the only monthly rebate in the biz

Buy telecom. Get money back. Every month. It’s not lip service. It’s how we do business. Only Telco Rebates delivers telecom solutions at the most competitive rates – plus something NO ONE

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ELSE OFFERS… a rebate check every month for the life of your contract. How will you use your rebate?

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